Advanced Defensive Driving Skills Course

Know the limits of your own vehicle before it’s too late!

Why wait? Take the next step now.

Advanced Defensive Driving Skills can take you beyond the basic skills you have now, no matter what your age!. A.D.D.S. can help you prepare for the hazards of the road.

Will you know what to do if a collision occurs right in front of you and you have little or no time to stop?

How about if a ladder falls from a construction truck in front of you?

What if you start to skid or hydroplane in the rain?

Do you really know what your vehicle’s capabilities are?

These are the hazards that we can help you overcome.

By concentrating on emergency maneuvers such as

Collision Avoidance, Emergency Braking , Emergency Lane Changes , Skid Control, Vehicle Awareness

You will be better prepared to respond to hazards in a controlled and calm manner. Other maneuvers are

Parking in tight controlled Spaces, Parallel Parking, Road Hazard Response and Precision Backing.

Our lead instructor is a retired Police Officer and a California Certified Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor. All skills will be taught in a fun and controlled environment by highly trained and skilled instructors.

A.D.D.S. will teach you these life saving skills that can take you to the next level. You will be better prepared to react to the life threatening hazards you may face someday.

This $370.00 course is available to drivers of all ages, not just current students. Spaces are limited so call High Desert Driving School today at 661.940.8835 for more information and to enroll in the A.D.D.S. program.

PRICE $370.00 / “Special” parents 1/2 price with enrolled student

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